Be a Language Expert with NeoLinguistics

Linguistics is the scientific study of language for practical purposes. Linguistics helps you in many areas of life. Best of all, it makes you a language expert. NeoLinguistics helps you understand how language system works and how language principles act together to form human communication and behavior.
NeoLinguistics relates to personality, society, literature and personal change, human health and corporate trainings.
Benefits of Linguistics
Linguistics relates to all fields of life so every body in any field can benefit from Linguistics.
  • As a teacher, you can use Linguistics to teach English better.
  • As a businessman, you can use Linguistics to improve your Communication Skills and lead teams better.
  • As a manager, you can use Linguistics to make powerful presentations.
  • As a doctor, you can use Linguistics for healing effect on patients.
  • As a student, you can sharpen your critical thinking and linguistics helps you learn fast.
    Linguistics can help you find a new meaning in life.
    The Scope of Linguistics
    Linguistics deals with Language at three levels for the whole scope of language and its benefits. The building block of language is the level at which we study language scientifically in general and this level is called Linguistics. A linguist is mainly concerned with the Structure of Language and Linguistics is the scientific study of this structure. There are three things that make the structure of language. NeoLinguistics identifies these levels as:

    (1) MicroLinguistics
    (2) MacroLinguistics
    (3) MetaLinguistics.
    MicroLinguistics that deals with the internal structure of language including Sound, Syntax, Morphology and Semantics.
    MacroLinguistics studies language in relation to other fields such as Psychology, Society and Literature that become Psycholinguistics, Socio-linguistics and Stylistics respectively and
    Metalinguistics deals with Language for change – both personal and social. It gives us fields such as NLP, Leadership and Communication.
    The practical side of Linguistics for teaching purposes is called TELF (Teaching of English as foreign language) – that makes an excellent Modern English Language teacher.

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