4 Ways to Learn English

Most learners are often confused about how to learn English. Below are the four great concepts regarding learning English which will help you in your language learning experience.
To Learn or Not to Learn Grammar - that is the question.
First things first: grammar is not important 
If you want to learn English, don’t worry about grammar. Remember that grammar is for communication. Don’t be obsessed for grammar. You can learn English without grammar. For example, learning English is like diving, you just need to jump into the water. Don’t be afraid. The water is there is to support you, not drown you. Similarly, language learning is like driving. When you learn driving you usually don’t pay attention to how car engine works, which way petrol travels or how to change a wheel when it goes punctured. These points are for the mechanic. 
You don't want to be a mechanic; you want to be a driver. The same is the case with grammar in language learning. 
Second, make your language learning decision
Next you must make a decision. If you have made a decision to learn English, try to isolate your weak points. Suppose, you maybe good at grammar but your vocabulary is weak or you maybe good at Speaking but your pronunciation is not fine. Therefore, you must focus on your weak points first. And once you feel OK with that, you can focus other areas of English. Once you have made the decision to learn English, teach whatever you know to your friends who want to improve their English. If you know even a small portion of English, you can teach that to your friends. In this way, you will never forget your English.

Third, learn complementary skills
Learning English from a teacher or software is not enough, you need to organize yourself. Keep a notebook to write important points about grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Study in short intervals; don’t study for long hours and you must practice and review what you study. These are the complementary skills which will enhance your English.
Make some rules for yourself. For example, you can find people who want to speak English and you can make ‘ Speak English Only Rule’ with them. So take charge of your learning. Don’t depend on others.
Fourth, understand yourself and make a learning strategy
You need to learn English on your own terms; you need the methods that work best for you. You maybe a different learner so find out your learning styles and habits.
There are different ways to learn. Find out what kind of learner you are in order to better understand how you can learn more effectively.
  • Some are Visual Learners. Visual Learners are those who learn better by watching things and they learn better if they watch how things are done and so they pick up the style and start doing the thing themselves. You are a visual learner if you need to watch your teacher to understand the lesson while he’s teaching. For a visual learner, private lessons are most effective. 
  • Some are Auditory Learners. Auditory Learners are those who learn best from lectures. They rely more on listening to what the teacher says. For them, watching is not important. For an auditory learner, listening is more effective. 
  • Some are Kinesthetic Learners. A kinesthetic Learner is one who learns better by doing. He needs a hands-on approach to learn any thing. Kinesthetic students cannot sit down and read, they cannot listen for a long time because they get bored. These are practical people and they need to take part in conversations and discussions to learn English.

You need to find out what your preferred learning style is so you can learn easily and effectively. 

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