What is ESP?

Don’t Learn English; Communicate in English.
General English is dead
Here comes the new breed of English called ESP (English for Specific Purposes). General English is too broad a topic to be covered either by the learner or the trainer. Even if you learn General English, you are left confined to the content of English and hardly ever develop the target skill that you need to improve.

Let’s say, your target skill is speaking to a group of people in English (i.e. Presentation Skills in English). How does it mean logical that you start learning grammar and improving your vocabulary? When you focus grammar and vocabulary, you are stuck in the content.

The Right Approach
The right approach is to find the learning needs and then start training and learning around those needs so you can communicate effectively and apply the results in real time. I train trainers, HR Professionals, Managers, Sales People, Housewives, Leaders and Beauty Artists. My ultimate purpose is to find what skill they need to improve and I start working on that specific skill and they get results. Let me repeat:
General English is dead so comes the new breed of English called ESP (English for Specific Purposes).
At Naeem Educational Organization, I train people for success. I have decoded learning and training people for successful results. My experience and expertise ensure that you engage in rapid learning process that produces desired outcome for you. I train people to speak English and communicate effectively in everyday and business situations.

Train or Feel the Pain
You don’t need to feel the pain. I can train you. My approach is to listen to you, understand your needs, customize the course, personalize the training and then feed forward the outcome. I find your learning strategy, your needs to learn and combine it with my training expertise so you learn 100 percent successfully and quickly. I train people with 4mat system coupled with Linguistic strategies in ESP.

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